On My Quest while in Orlando, Florida

Took a little break from my real quest for online knowledge and went on vacation in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios. Stayed in Kissimmee, FL next door to Old Town.

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Visited Universal Orlando, WOW, how do parents with two or more children afford to go on vacation to any off these Theme Parks. After the cost to get in, the food was so high priced, it felt like highway robbery. One example is a Hog Dog with chips cost $11.95, yes you read it right almost $12 dollars for a Hot Dog and chips. It cost the Theme Park maybe 50 cents for this product. Oh, I know they have to make money but the tickets to get into any Theme Park are not what you would call low cost either, so how about a break in the cost of the food?

Didn’t have a very good internet connection, wasn’t able to post during my time in Florida. Would like to know the best sources for a internet connection that everyone one is using.

I was rather disappointed with Old Town, Kissemmee, Florida. They have changed from an Old Town with the proper setting and products from the era.

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To a Tourist Trap Town.

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The only thing that stayed the same was they still have a Car Show and Drive By Parade.

Maybe I’m all Theme Parked out but the reason they change the prices they do is because people will pay it. Sorry for the rant but it just irritates me that we allow the Theme Parks to charge us any amount they want because we don’t know how to make them do anything differently so we can actually enjoy our stay in the Resort/Theme Park.

Until the next time, have a great week doing what you do.

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